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Stop SOPA – don’t allow censorship

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Posted on: January 29th, 2012 by Nicki. No Comments yet, be the first

Stop SOPAThe last couple of weeks has seen great unrest amongst the internet fraternity. The SOPA bill (Stop Online Piracy Act) has been going through the American government and if passed would effectively allow multimillion dollar companies, mostly in the entertainment industry, to censor content on the internet. It would give them the ability to take down any website deemed to be offering pirated content, videos, music etc. Whilst this could be seen as a good thing, after all online piracy is against the law and by the vast majority of people considered a bad thing, the bill was so badly written that it could be construed by lawyers in many different ways allowing the censorship of all content added to the internet by anybody.

I cannot claim to know enough about the issue to write about it in an unbiased manner, however you can read more about it in the following places:

  • Wikipedia – one of the websites who took part in the ‘website black-out’ strike on 18th January. Their article title Stop Online Piracy Act is currently in dispute.
  • Stop American Censorship – the official website for the STOP SOPA organisation.
  • SOPA Strike – What happened online on the day of the strike, 18th January 2012.