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The New Facebook Page Timeline in a Nutshell

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Posted on: March 31st, 2012 by Nicki. No Comments yet, be the first

 What the new facebook timeline means for your facebook page.

The new facebook page timeline rolls out this weekend. (March 30th to be precise.) What does this mean for your business or company’s facebook page and how can you make the most of this change? I will sum up the things you need to know to make the most of your facebook page and to take full advantage of the new timeline. Read on!

The cover image

The first main change to the facebook page is the use of the cover image. This large image is quite a striking feature and bows to the new fashion of large banner images currently trending amongst modern websites. This cover image can be used to create an eye catching, compelling image of your company or brand. There are some rules and regulations that facebook is imposing on the new cover image. It may NOT contain any advertising, special offers or contact details. There are other rules that you can read about in this article, but in a nutshell, all you need to know is that having a logo and a strapline or business catchphrase in your cover image is ok.

This sample image is one we have created for Costa Blanca Villas facebook page. Check out their page and like it if your like the design or are interested in what they do.

Facebook Page Cover ImageNo. 1 shows the large cover image with the allowed logo and strapline for the company. No.2 is the new profile image, now square. No. 3
is the new messaging system that allows your fans to email you directly rather than writing on your wall.

The technical information: Cover image size needs to be: 851 x 315px.