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Enlightenment is the tutorial website of cannedSunlight web design. Grown out of common questions that our customers have asked about internet related problems they have encountered whilst trying to do simple things.

It is a place to find tutorials and help about the internet and various software issues, and we have designed it as a place to help people by producing easy to follow tutorials. We hope that you find this place useful and that you feel enlightened after reading.

We aim to include interesting articles about internet related software, comparisons between similar products, how-to tutorials and recommended services.

But what about the writers I hear you ask?! Nicki and Paul are both web designers from cannedSunlight who work from the sunny shores of the Costa Blanca in Spain. Both have a wealth of experience with computers and the internet and want to share that knowledge in the hope of helping all those who wish to carry out tasks themselves. Nicki works on the technical side of web design and builds custom websites to suit her client’s briefs as well as developing sites and excelling in SEO. Besides designing web sites Paul writes for various blogs (on subjects ranging from photography to construction) and is the expert in setting up online shops.

If you have any questions about any of the articles or tutorials on the website we’d love to hear from you as it may spark another tutorial aimed to help you. You might even get a mention for your troubles…

Thanks for reading!

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